Friday, 25 October 2013

Two years in Asia.

Its been two years since we took the huge leap and relocated to Singapore, a year later we landed in Hong Kong. I am not sure I could even choose a favourite photograph, so here are a select few. What did I love most about Singapore? Definitely the Shop House, the old colony Black & White houses and lush green vegetation crawling with exotic creatures. Living near the botanical gardens meant I was never bored of photographing its lush and rich beauty, even my friend the Monitor Lizard, who I used to occasionally see, on my early morning walks with Rafe.
Moving to Hong Kong was a huge culture shock, I don't think I could have even imaged so many high rises, in a relatively small place.
I am often asked "which do I prefer?'. Both are totally different cities and I am lucky enough to have experienced both.
The Singapore Shop House
The Botanical Gardens, Singapore
Beneath the huge high rises of Hong Kong
 The enormous super structures
The old colonial Architecture, Singapore

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